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Mon -Thurs 6 am - 9 pm
Friday 6 am - 8 pm
Sat 7 am - 4 pm
Sun 8 am - Noon

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CrossFit Terms

AMRAP - As Many Repitions
as Possible

BP - Personal Best

MetCon - Metabolic Conditioning

WOD - Workout of the Day

EMOM - Every Minute on the Minute

OH - Overhead

OHS - Overhead Squat

PU - Pull Up or Push Up

SN - Snatch

SP - Shoulder Press

BS - Back Squat

SQ - Squat

TtB - Toes to Bar

CrossFit Instructors

Sarah McVicar is the Owner and head coach at MO Town Fitness and is a CrossFit L1 Trainer.  Sarah has been conducting physical fitness classes for 7 Years. Her classes focus on Olympic lifting, functional fitness and metabolic conditioning. She taught senior fitness as part of an Ojai City Recreation Department outreach program designed to increase the health of local seniors. Sarah started working at M.O Town Fitness in 2017 as a trainer and has been an endurance athlete for over 10 years competing in multiple ultramarathons and fitness competitions.

James McVicar
is the Co-Owner of MO Town Fitness with his wife Sarah. He is also a CrossFit L1 Trainer and has been teaching physical training to U.S. Navy Sailors and Soldiers for over 18 Years. He is currently an active duty U.S. Navy Master Diver stationed in Port Hueneme CA.  James spent 3 years instructing Military and DOD Civilian Divers at the Naval Diving Salvage Training Center in Panama City, FL. The physical training consisted of calisthenics, aquatic fundamentals, high risk diving and demolition operations. He is a trained Combat Lifesaver and teaches emergency medical care on a regular basis to Navy personnel and the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue Dive Team.

A lifelong Ojai resident, Jesse Clark has a passion for fitness. He is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and has a heart to see people healthy and happy. His high energy and positive attitude make the gym feel less like work and more like a playground.

Brittany Helson is a Crossfit L1 Trainer.  Although Brittany has been coaching CrossFit at Motown Fitness for a short period of time, she has been crossfitting for 5 years. She is very exceptional at what she does and her passion for this sport shows. She comes to us with a very knowledgeable background in gymnastics.  She grew up competing in gymnastics and moved to San Francisco to coach recreational gymnastics at a circus training facility before moving back to Ojai. We are very happy to have Brittany as part of our crew and we are excited to watch her grow as a coach.

Dorcas Mcleod has been a personal trainer for over 25 years. She was given the opportunity to work at The Gym at The Sanctuary in Covent Garden London for 3  years, which was one of the first women only gyms in the 1990s, it was a very exciting time. Dorcas' philosophy on fitness is to offer variety, be creative and keep exercises fun and interesting.  She believes in a foundation of building strength, flexibility and brings to the gym a concise no nonsense attitude with a sense of humor . Exercise should be safe, effective and non judgmental . She encourages her clients to do their best but know their limitations. Dorcas' moto is "education is forever learning …" Certifications: British Weight Lifting Association & Pilates Beginners Mat.




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