Sarah McVicar
Personal Trainer

Sarah McVicar Carlson

Justin Edwards

Michael Cresto

CrossFit Coach Sarah began CrossFitting in 2010. She is currently focusing on her degree in hopes of becoming a Physical Education teacher. Sarah has coached (as well as played) a variety of sports including soccer, baseball and basketball. She is an avid runner and previously played football in a women's full tackle league. To say she's a bad ass is an understatement and you'll often find her lifting more than the boys. She has lived in the Ojai Valley since 2012 with her children and husband who is an active duty member of the Navy.


Justin has always had a competitive nature.  He ran track in college back in Kansas before joining the US Navy Seabees, which brought him to California.  Justin and his wife are basketball fanatics who love to play, coach and referee locally.  They recently had a baby boy and are excited to raise him in an active lifestyle.  Justin has worked in the construction/oil and gas industries for over 17 years, and has seen how much physical fitness can aid in both work life and personal life.  Justin has been crossfitting since 2011.  He moved to Ojai and started working out with us in 2015.  Justin earned his Crossfit Level 1 Certification in early 2017 and has been shaping his coaching style since.  He prides himself on his singing and usually plays a wide variety of music during his classes.

Michael, a former powerlifting competitor, now competes in Brazilian Jiujitsu, and has utilized his strength training background to succeed in both sports. While moving heavy weight may be the end goal, Michael emphasizes the importance of optimal technique. There will be no cat-backed deadlifts in his class! Michael is well-versed in personal training and holds certifications for CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Powerlifting, CrossFit mobility, and a NSCA/USPA Powerlifting Coaching certification.


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